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Folkish Insights is for those who want something more than news. Basically, it's about realizing that myths are more true than the folly of the world. I write here with the hope of helping to shape a better future by building a solid foundation of thought.

Simply put, Folkish Insights is about me wanting to:

  • Motivate and inspire

  • Share my experiences after 30+ years on the barricade for family, people, nation and tradition

  • Preach the good news that there is a different path than the one that the West is currently on

  • Comment and relate current events to the bigger picture that is often forgotten

I do this here through the written word.

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Who is Magnus Söderman?

I have devoted most of my life to nationalist politics and activism, Nordic-Germanic faith and tradition, and the study of Western esotericism. In addition, I have tried to live a good life with my family at the center. I am a father and I have had both sweet and bitter (and bittersweet) experiences with relationships.

I admit to being a child of my time, with all the flaws and weaknesses that come with it. But it is my goal to try to become a slightly better person every day. This is achieved by practicing doing one's duty because, as the Swedish philosopher Vitalis Norström states, this is ultimately what defines our human dignity.

It is with this in mind that I make my voice heard and hope to borrow your eyes at regular intervals. I am convinced that I have something to contribute.

Glimpses of my life

I was born in 1977 at Karolinska Hospital in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden. My heritage is from Roslagen, Blekinge and Västernorrland. I spent the summers of my childhood in the bosom of Roslagen and it is the rose spike in me that comes through.

I grew up in Kallhäll, Järfälla municipality, north of Stockholm but have moved around a lot. Fagersta, Enköping, Stockholm both north and south; Skara and Berlin have been "home" in turns. Nowadays I live in Älgarås in Västra Götaland and I intend to stay on this ancient soil.

I got involved in nationalism when I was in the sixth grade and consider this my main occupation since then. My commitment has grown with me. Of course, I have also studied (somewhat) and worked a lot, but it is politics and political activism that has been central.

Today I work with the association Det fria Sverige (which I co-founded) and Dagens Svegot. In DFS, we build a Swedish future together instead of just pointing out the problems around us, and through Dagens Svegot, I try to make sense of our contemporary world together with Dan Eriksson and others. Last but not least, I run Logik Förlag; an online bookstore and a publishing house that publishes "forbidden" literature, together with a merry band of dissidents.

I believe in God and have been so all my life. According to "Christians" I am a pagan and according to "pagans" I am a Christian. Good. I consider myself a believer in Allfather God and a mystic and there is nothing mystical about it (he who knows and understands knows and understands). In short, I am interested and inquisitive. I am also an ordained pastor, though without a flock.

Ariosophy has been my companion since before I knew the name of this direction and later I was also led into the path(s) of Western esotericism. Allfather God told us to "reason together" and that is what I am doing. Among other things, I will do so through my writings here.

If you want to know more about my thoughts on faith, you can watch the mini-documentary produced by Palaestra Media.

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Here, Magnus Söderman draws from 30+ years of dedication to family, folk and nation to offer his perspective on the West's current path, blending timely commentary with myths of times passed.


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